Hey! I'm Divyansh.

I'm a Vue.js team member, and I maintain VitePress. Currently, I'm pursuing my Bachelor of Technology degree in computer science from the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Kota. In my spare time, I enjoy helping others on StackOverflow and contributing to open-source projects on GitHub. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn (my username is usually a variation of brc-dd).


VitePress (Maintainer)

A simple, powerful, and performant Vite and Vue-powered SSG framework that can be used to quickly build documentation websites. It supports enhanced Markdown syntax with full flexibility of using Vue code in and alongside Markdown content. Also, created numerous examples to demonstrate how to integrate it with other frameworks and libraries.

Animated TailwindCSS (Author)

A plugin-like Node.js package to deeply integrate Animate.css with TailwindCSS. Just two step configuration that allows using a wide variety of animations. It also comes with a browser bundle, so using with TailwindCSS CDN is easy too! Wrote some examples of using it with React and vanilla JS for animating (revealing) components on scroll.

Iron WebCrypto (Author)

A replacement for @hapi/iron, written using the WebCrypto API that makes it isomorphic (compatible with browsers, edge, and server envs). Initially written for next-iron-middleware, but can be used by anyone to encrypt and mac objects.

SHADE (Author)

A C++ library implementing a "Simple but Handy Algorithm for Decryption and Encryption"; based on AES-256 with compile-time key and IV generation. It used CryptoPP along with a cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator.

Browser Extensions (Author)

  • Zen Tab - A minimal new tab page with beautiful backgrounds, inspirational quotes, time, and weather.
  • Visibility Changer - Prevents focus tracking.
  • The Magnet - An extension to remotely execute code and pull information from the victim's browser.
  • Telegram Extractor - Extracts information about group members and can add them to another one.

StoryZen (Author)

A one-click publishing tool combined with a minimal editor, built using Editor.js, React, Flask, MongoDB. The original version was built as a fork of ZenPen using PHP and SQL. Contributed to various Editor.js plugins (inline-font-family, inline-font-size, inline-image, math, github-gist, embed, simple-video, etc.) while developing the platform.

HackRemind (Author)

A discord bot to notify users about upcoming programming contests and hackathons. It gathered data from over 30 event hosting platforms and generated beautiful rich embeds with detailed descriptions, banners, and schedules of the events.

NARI (Collaborator)

A social-media platform focusing on the emotional empowerment of women by leaning on the concept of women helping other women. Developed for Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India during Smart India Hackathon Finals 2020.

Various Next.js Examples (Author)

Including next-protected-routes - an approach to protect API routes without authentication. It used short-lived access tokens and made it difficult for someone to fetch your API from their application.

OpenGL Labs (Author)

A codebase of various experiments done throughout my computer graphics course. It utilized modern C++ with OpenGL 4.6, illustrating different low-level graphics algorithms, and showed the three shaders.

libfreenect (Fork Maintainer)

An open source, cross platform development library for the Microsoft Kinect camera. Implemented a Python function to convert RGBD image coordinates to real-world coordinates using camera matrix.

Placement Portal (Collaborator)

A scalable web app built using MEAN stack for smooth placement process with minimal manual intervention. The project is being used by TnP Cell, IIIT Kota, and gets over 700K monthly hits.

Landing Pages @ IIIT Kota (Collaborator)

Designed and developed websites for:
  • CodeBase (FOSS Society)
  • Training and Placement Cell
  • FlairFiesta'20 (Annual Techno-Cultural Fest)
  • Hack in the West (Hackathon)

Miscellaneous (Author)

Implemented some popular ML architectures and played around with them to build stuff like ASL to text converter. Also worked on automating data scraping with Google App Scripts. And created some Windows tweaking tools during my earlier days.


I'm currently working in the field of smart prosthetics and edge AI. I have developed a human-like life-scale robotic arm which we are calling PROTO 1.1. Its parts were designed using Ansys SpaceClaim and assembled on SolidWorks. Then a URDF file was generated that helped us simulate our arm on ROS. The operating code was written using the Arduino programming language and the proofs-of-concept using Python.